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Membership Benefits

Get a lawyer on your side when you need one

LegalWise provides para-legal services in our Branches, over the phone or by e-mail and will pay the legal fees for a lawyer to represent you and your family, including your spouse or life partner and children in legal proceedings.

Protect your family's legal rights and get a lawyer on your side when you need one for:

  • Personal injury claims, damage to physical property and consumer problems
  • Home and accommodation problems.
  • Motor vehicle problems.
  • Education problems.
  • Status, reputation and identity problems.
  • Employment matters.
  • Banking, insurance, pensions, Wills and investment problems.
  • Criminal charges.

Legal Benefits

Para-Legal Services

  • Access to our in-house Legal Counsellors who will attempt to resolve your legal issues without you going to court.
  • Branches countrywide.
  • 24/7, 365 access via our LegalLine.
  • E-mail based legal assistance during office hours.
  • Extended para-legal services. LegalWise will also assist you with the following even if we do not pay the legal fees:
    • Debt services (settlement negotiations, rescission of administration orders and judgments).
    • Family Services (uncontested divorces, child maintenance matters, ante nuptial contracts).
    • Other civil services (mediation or referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution forums such as the CCMA, preparation and referral to Small Claims Court).

The Insurance Benefits

  • Up to R305 000 for legal fees per case.
  • You, your spouse or life partner and children under 18 are covered.
  • Cover for civil, criminal and labour related cases
  • Access to our network of over 300 legal firms to represent you.
  • Fees paid at the LegalWise tariff rates, giving you more legal power.
  • Option to use your own lawyer.

Benefits are subject to a 3 month waiting period and exclusions. The main exclusions are listed below:

  • Business activities.
  • Matrimonial matters (e.g. marriage, divorce, maintenance disputes, custody disputes, etc.).
  • Defamation claim by you.
  • Matters involving you as a member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson.
  • Collective or class actions.
  • A dispute with a claim value less than R5 000.00.
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.
  • Matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3 month waiting period.

Added Benefits

  • A cash payout for legal expenses in the case of the accidental death of the Main Member.
  • Pay no premiums for six months if you are retrenched, subject to conditions.
  • Pay no premiums for six months if you are totally or temporarily disabled, subject to conditions.

Your Money Back Guarantee

Should you feel that the LegalWise Membership is not suitable to your needs you may cancel it, in writing, during your three month waiting period and if you have not received any benefits during that time we will refund you all the premiums you have paid.

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